Specialty Vests - All vests are adjustable at both the front "shoulder" strap and the "belly band"
For special occasions or functions, these working service dog vests have uniquely designed, custom-made fabric OR our rugged fade/mildew/water-resistant fabric upgrade.  These vests can be made for any size dog and are not limited to what you see here.  If you can imagine it, I'll do my best to make sure you get it!
The vest below is a specialty version of the "Utility" vest.  The "checkered flag" material that was available was unsuitable --- checks too large and material was very thin and offered little in the way of  durability.  So, we fabricated the material ourselves.
The price of a Specialty Vest begins with the base price of the style of working service dog vest you choose.  Fabric upgrade, material fabrication, embroidery, etc., will be added to the vest price.
Service Dog Vests
Mary's Stitchery & Crafts
Where is it written that being a working service dog can't
include some fun?
Here are a couple of fun vests for the "whovian" working
dog that celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "Doctor Who"!
Mary's Stitchery does have embroidery capability and can make custom patches when you can't find them elsewhere or embroider the dog's name. The dog's name "Diesel" and the #8 inside the star were done on my machine.  Prices vary per design.
This dog is the size of a small Labrador Retriever.  The vest she is wearing was only available in sizes for dogs half her size or less.  We worked with several photos of the vest, as well as with this dog's meaurements and a series of photos of this dog, and were able to duplicate the vest in a size that fit her just right.
While this young man is not a service dog, he certainly provided a special service to his owner.

This "tux" is an upscaled variation of the Utility vest.