Tiny Dog Vest (less than 16" chest girth) -
All vests are adjustable (up to a few inches) at both the front "shoulder" strap and the "belly band".

You wouldn't think so but, the smaller the dog vest, the more difficult, labor intense and time consuming it is
Price: $99.00 + shipping (if applicable) per vest.  For local sales, 7% sales tax will be added.
* Price includes:
       - patch attachment (provided by the client)         
       - an optional handle (no additional charge if the vest is large enough to accommodate one).
* Payment is expected when order is placed.  We accept credit cards and PayPal.

* Please Note:  I do not provide any patches.  See PATCHES tab on menu bar.
                       I do have limited embroidery capability and can make simple patch(es) or embroider the dog's name. Prices vary.

IMPERATIVEPlease purchase the smallest version of the patch(es) you have chosen.  Patches that are 3" or 4" are too large.
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10-lb Poodle
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