Service Dog Vests
Mary's Stitchery & Crafts

Wesley M.
"... I couldn't be more happy with it
(Kiah's vest). You honestly make the best vest around. Thank you a million times."
Tracy S.
"I love your vests and skittles is very handsome in his."
Ritt O.
" ... Kiahs vest fits perfect and she looks stunning."
Kelly P.
" Doc has a perfectly fitting, amazing vest. Mary, you do a hell of a job. Keep up the great work!"
Breanna C.
"We are so super excited to have this vest. The detail of her work is pure eye candy, the quality is so durable that there is no doubt this was built to last! Mary was able to precisely create exactly we wanted, but it came out so much more fantastic than we could dream it to be. It fit and will still fit when our Rosey gains 10 pounds to her ideal weight. We got the reflective upgrade and oh goodness, we are going to be safe on our night walks for sure. We got a few patches for the Velcro upgrade to keep up with my son's ever changing moods and desire for public attention or not. That handle gives my son some extra distance to walk slightly farther away from her as he can have more room for his feet to be away from hers while walking, so less tripping with some of his coordination difficulties especially when walking and talking, but at the same time she is close enough to help him stabilize too. My son was so happy with the color pattern, that he declared right away he loved it! We are so thankful to have one of Mary`s vest. Mary, we wish you all the success in your endeavors...Thanks again Mary!"
Missy S.
"Mickey Blue Eyes .... is wearing a vest his trainer ordered from you. I wanted to stop by and tell you what great quality it is and how dapper my boy looks in it!"
Lori H.
"Clark already loves his vest! If I'm leaving he runs to the key holder where I've hung his vest and starts nosing it and sits. He has figured out how to put his head in it and absolutely prances when we walk out the door! It's fantastic and beautifully made."
Rodrigo G.
" ... Keep doing what you are doing , in your shop there you can feel such a joy and blessing that is really true. ..."
Adrienne L.
"Presley and our family love her new vest!! Absolutely beautiful work Mary!! ..."

Jeff O.
"Mary Obviously does great work! And after talking to her and kind of getting to know her, I can say that she is also a kind and caring woman! She not only makes vests, she helps to change lives in the process ! Thanks Mary, pleasure knowing you!"
Kali Grace D.
"Mary does absolutely wonderful work and is such a truly kind and passionate lady")
Brent C.
"Mary does absolutely incredible work for service dogs and veterans!!!"
Wesley M.
"I know that as long as Mary is making vest she's who I'm getting mine from. She has the best quality out there. I now have two vest from her. I just love them so much."
Aimee R.
"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!"
Violet S.
" ... It fits her wonderfully. ..."
Here's what some vest clients had to say:
Patricia K
"Mary rocked it again! Customized another vest for Tzaylie. And unafraid of new challenges. She happened to mention that a lot of folk don't embroider their pup's name because it empowers the public with yet another distraction tool. So I sent her the name in its original Hebrew language, and she scanned it in to her computer, and beautifully embroidered the vest!"