The fabric I use most often for my working service dog vests is similar to denim but lighter in weight.  It is 100% cotton and, therefore, breathable.  That means the airflow will allow your working service dog to be a bit more comfortable while wearing the vest.  Being 100% cotton means that the vest is not fade/water-resistant/waterproof.  Please note: if you are outdoors in strong sun for more than 4 continuous hours daily, this fabric can fade from the sun.

If you prefer a vest that is
fade/water-resistant/waterproof, it can be made from a durable fabric that's suggested for rugged outdoor use. It is a breathable (like cotton) acrylic fabric that is fade, water, mold, mildew, and stain resistant.

Water-resistant/waterproof fabric is considerably higher in price than the 100% cotton.  For a vest made of this fabric, please add $10.00 to the base vest price.


General Laundering Instructions for all vests:
Machine wash COLD on the GENTLE CYCLE with MILD LAUNDRY SOAP (i.e. Woolite). 
Please note:  DAWN Dishwashing Liquid is NOT MILD .. it is a degreaser and can fade the standard fabric.
DO NOT MACHINE DRY -- Unclip chest strap and lay flat or hang to dry
DO NOT IRON -- smooth out wrinkles by hand while vest is wet/damp.  If you feel you must press, please be mindful that heat is what's used to fuse the strap ends together and you may ruin the perimeter trim or stationary back strap. If you have chosen the fabric upgrade, heat can warp the fabric.

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