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Commemorative Vests - All vests are adjustable at both the front "shoulder" strap and the "belly band"
Think of how proud your working service dog will be wearing a special vest that commemorates something that is dear to you.  These Commemorative working service dog vests are made with our rugged fade/mildew/water-resistant fabric upgrade.  These vests can be made for any size dog and are not limited to what you see here.  If you can imagine it, I'll do my best to make sure you get it!
The price of a Commemorative Vest begins at $99.00 (for dogs under 16" rib cage girth, $109.00).  I do have embroidery capability and can make patches than can't be found elsewhere or embroider the dog's name. The "rocker" patch under the large Purple Heart patch was done on my machine.  Prices vary. Embroidery, etc., as well as shipping, will be added to the vest price.
The "Purple Heart" vest below is a version of the "Deluxe" vest.

Please note: this commemorative vest is
reserved for Purple Heart recipients.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, the camera was not able to pick up the vest's absolutely GORGEOUS shade of grape (purple).
This patriotic vest is a tribute to "Old Glory".  Each "field of stars" is a Velcro-secured pocket.
This "Deluxe" vest has the fabric upgrade and is done in the colors of USMC "dress blues"
This Autism Puzzle Piece vest is not made from printed yardgoods.  Each color shape was individually drawn, cut, fitted and sewn into place.  Also, extra care was given to match the pattern on the upgraded expansion pockets.

PLEASE NOTE: This specific puzzle piece pattern is reserved for a specific non-profit organization. 
This "Deluxe" vest has the fabric upgrade and is done in the colors of US Army "dress blues"
Pattern variation is available for all others. 
Deluxe vest style (standard flat pockets) starts at
$199 and Utility vest style (no pockets) starts at $179.