The "GROW" vest -  made with two layers of fabric with padding in between.
                                                Single layer of fabric, no padding and mesh back available upon request.
The "GROW" vest $79.00 + shipping (if applicable) per vest. For local sales, 7% sales tax will be added.
* There are two 1" D-rings, one on either side of the handle, as well as one in the center of the neckline
* Base price includes the attachment of up to 6 patches (provided by the client).
* Base price does NOT include pockets.
* Upgrades/options can be added to this vest (prices as noted on Upgrades/Options page)
* Payment is expected when order is placed.  We accept credit cards and PayPal.

* Please Note:  I do not provide any patches.  See PATCHES tab on menu bar.
                       I do have embroidery capability and can make simple patch(es) or embroider the dog's name. Prices vary.
So you're wondering --- What the heck is a "GROW" vest????
It's a working service dog vest that has multi-adjustments, a moveable fastener/clip AND adjustable belly and chest straps (easily replaceable) so that the
vest will fit a medium-to-large-size breed from puppy to adult.

In other words, it will fit a puppy working service dog in training with a 20" chest girth (i.e. 4-month old Doberman, German Shepherd, Lab, etc.) all the way though to full growth

If the puppy gets into mischief and chews the belly or chest strap --- or grows beyond the strap adjustment --- the vest is no longer trash can fodder.  The adjustable belly and chest straps are easily replaceable!

Please note:  The GROW vest does NOT work as well for mixed breed dogs because it is too difficult to speculate the final adult size. While the removable/replaceable straps will allow
                      the vest to fit "forever", the vest body itself could become too small looking on the dog.
15-week old Boxer mix
Standard Flat Pockets added.
4-month old Doberman
Standard Flat Pockets added.
8-month old German Shepherd
Standard Flat Pockets added.
7-month old Goldendoodle
Rear Expansion Pocket w/zipper added