The "GROW" vest -  made with two layers of fabric with padding in between.
                                                Single layer of fabric, no padding and mesh back available upon request.
The "GROW" vest $89.00 + shipping (if applicable) per vest. For local sales, 7% sales tax will be added.
* The "squared" areas on each shoulder are velcro-secured flat pockets that can hold your "clean up" bags, etc.
* There are two 1" D-rings, one on either side of the handle. 
* Price includes the attachment of up to 6 patches (provided by the client).
* Upgrades/options can be added to this vest (prices as noted on Upgrades/Options page)
* Payment is expected when order is placed.  We accept credit cards and PayPal.

* Please Note:  I do not provide any patches.  See PATCHES tab on menu bar.
                       I do have limited embroidery capability and can make simple patch(es) or embroider the dog's name. Prices vary.
So you're wondering --- What the heck is a "GROW" vest????
It's a working service dog vest that has multi-adjustments, a moveable fastener/clip AND adjustable belly and chest straps (easily replaceable) so that the
vest will fit a medium-to-large-size breed from puppy to adult.

In other words, it will fit a puppy working service dog in training with a 20" chest girth (i.e. 4-month old Doberman, German Shepherd, Lab, etc.) all the way though to full growth

If the puppy gets into mischief and chews the belly or chest strap --- or grows beyond the strap adjustment --- the vest is no longer trash can fodder.  The adjustable belly and chest straps are easily replaceable!

Please note:  it is actually better to wait until the pup is in the 8 month old range before ordering a vest but if you cannot wait that long, the GROW vest does NOT work well for mixed
breed dogs because it is too difficult to speculate the final adult size.
15-week old Boxer mix
4-month old Doberman
8-month old German Shepherd
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